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adidas isn’t really feeling what Puma is doing with their NRGY line of sneakers. In their opinion, they feel like Puma’s NRGY line is much too similar to their Boost line. So what did they do? They went to court in an attempt to stop them from producing the shoes. After all was said and done, the German courts have denied their request.

Fortune is reporting that adidas sought an injunction to stop Puma from selling shoes from its NRGY line and they lost their case in Duesseldorf regional court earlier today.

One thing worth mentioning is that Puma was working with BASF, which happens to be the same company that developed the Boost technology for adidas. Puma and BASF were cooking until adidas inked a deal with BASF to work exclusively with them way back in 2011. Puma decided to move on and found a new partner in Huntsman Corp. Together they launched their NRGY line in 2014. Neil Narriman, the head of intellectual property at Puma mentioned that Puma has held back on unveiling and releasing many NRGY designs  in light of the litigation. That’s soon about to change as they plan on moving forward with heavilly promoting their NRGY line. Do you think that the Puma NRGY line will have similar success as the adidas Boost line? Let us know in the comments below.


via: Fortune
h/t: SC

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