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Daddy’s Bad Boy Records was not only home to the late Notorious
B.I.G, The Lox, Lil Kim and Marry J Blige but Puffy and Mace once had
a run that made Diddy famously proclaim that they will never stop. In
2016 though you can not be blamed if you believed they actually did
stop. The label now only has two prominent acts, French Montana, and
the label head Sean Combs. 


So when fans heard Bad Boy’s alumni were
coming together for a Reunion, flashbacks of the glory days would now
come with a performance. On Friday the tour kicked off to a full
Barclays crowd that was treated to hits like Peaches and Cream, I’m
Going Down and I’ll Be Missing U. But its the surprise acts that
stole the show like Rick Ross, Nas and Jay Z. Puffy even thanked him


been there with me through my ups and downs. Whenever I get in
trouble, this is the one I call. This is my strategist right here,
this my brother, this B.I.G.’s brother, this Brooklyn’s own,”

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