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This week’s Buy, Pass, Wait is very heavy on the collaboration side, with releases from Burn Rubber, Supreme and even Coca-Cola getting into the mix. Naturally this leads to the question about the viability of such projects and whether or not they are even worthwhile in this day and age. We also talk about the latest Jordan retro (because of course we do) and Kobe’s newest way to troll the city of Charlotte.

Air Jordan 1 David Letterman

Juan Martinez, Editor-In-Chief: (PASS) I had my doubts all the way up to the moment I saw them in person and now there is no doubt: these are not a must-have pair of 1s. The historical context is actually pretty great as David Letterman is an icon and possibly the Michael Jordan of his craft, but the tribute falls short. I blame the poor image quality of television at the time that kind of forced Jordan Brand’s hand to create a colorway that mimicked what appeared to be the color of MJ’s gear. I doubt it looked the same in real life.

Juan Carrillo, News: (PASS) Not really feeling the light crimson look. I’m very picky when it comes to my Air Jordan 1s. I’m already sacrificing comfort, so I at least want a shoe I’m totally in love with such as the Chicagos and SBBs.

Andres Carrillo, News: (PASS) I only own one pair of Air Jordan 1s (Chicagos) so I’m always looking to add another. The theme behind this colorway is ok but I’m not a huge fan of orange sneakers.

Renz Ofiaza, News: (WAIT) When I first saw it, it was an easy pass for me. But lately with all the recent high definition images and 4K video, I’m liking it a bit. The model itself is a classic so it’s something I won’t get tired off.

Supreme x Nike Air Max 98


EIC Juan: (PASS) Don’t like the Air Max 98 and don’t like Supreme. What’s there to love?

News Juan: (PASS) The Nike Air Max 98 is a Air Max model I think I will never like or own. It just has a very unique look, in which you love or hate the shoe, there is no inbetween. Having it collab with Supreme does nothing for me since I’ve never owned anything with Supreme on it.

Andres: (PASS) I’m not a fan of Supreme and the Air Max 98 is just horrendous. I wouldn’t even wear these if someone gave them to me for free.

Renz: (PASS) I’m biased towards runners in general. I’m not too keen on the silhouette but the colorways are pretty solid. I like them but I won’t be interested in purchasing. I’d side with the snakeskin and red version though.

Burn Rubber x Reebok Phase 1 Detroit Playas

Burn Rubber
Burn Rubber

EIC Juan: (BUY) Love the materials, the color scheme and of course the Biggie reference. Now this is how you turn what otherwise would be a ordinary (now) silhouette and turn it into something new and fresh. Amazing job by the Burn Rubber crew.

News Juan: (PASS) Big fan of Biggie, but the collab just doesn’t do it for me. I’m not crazy about the model either and the colorway is just ‘meh’ to me. I want to like it, but I just can’t.

Andres: (BUY) Pink sneakers aren’t really my thing but I can make an exception for this pair of Reeboks. After all they are an homage to Biggie who has plenty of hits (Baby, Baby!!) That textured leather is also just too nice.

Renz: (PASS) The theme and overall execution is cool, but the color isn’t suited for my taste. It’s pretty versatile for both genders though.

Coca-Cola x adidas ClimaCool 1


EIC Juan: (PASS) I was in college back in 2002 and while I paid some attention to sneakers back then, it was not the passion like it is now. So to hear that these dropped back during those days doesn’t fill me with any nostalgia at all. The colorway is ok as it reminds me more of the San Francisco 49ers than Coke but it’s still a pass in the end.

News Juan: (PASS) The color scheme is solid, but it’s not enough to make me want a pair. I was happy to see the model make a return, but I probably won’t be picking up any of them.

Andres: (WAIT) Coca Cola and adidas are making sneakers together now? Who would have thought. I was too young to care about sneakers when the ClimaCool originally released but now that it’s back I actually like it. This colorway is cool because I love red shoes and the hits of gold give it that nice pop. Hopefully they get marked down in the future and I’m able to pick up a pair.

Renz: (BUY) I just learned this released back in 2002. I would’ve have purchased it back then if I was into runners. Aside from the collab, I’m just biased towards the colorway and the silhouette itself.

Nike Kobe 11 Draft Day


EIC Juan: (WAIT) A price drop is inevitable for these and I’ll be copping then. I love the Draft Day idea and it’s a great way to cap off Kobe’s in-game career as he comes full circle and hopefully I won’t be paying full retail for them in a few months.

News Juan: (PASS) Cool concept/theme behind the shoe, but this is not a colorway I’d pick up. I have my eyes on a couple of Nike Kobe 11s that have already released, but this isn’t going to be one of them.

Andres: (PASS) I still haven’t picked up a Kobe 11 yet and this Draft Day colorway won’t be my first. Not only do I not like the colors used on the shoe, but it’s engineered mesh instead of Flyknit. Easy pass on my end.

Renz: (WAIT) I’ve shared that I’m a fan of the silhouette’s design. This colorway is a nice homage and it’s pretty appealing. If I was a die-hard black mamba fan, I would consider buying.

Do You Even Like Supreme Collabs?


EIC Juan: When they just slap their name on a regular colorway of a sneaker without any thought or reason, it’s annoying to see the world go insane for them (but it’s usually because of resale and not because they actually think it’s good). There have been good Supreme collabs over the years, but they get bogged down by all of the nonsense and occasional misogyny that I can’t support in any way.

News Juan: I never understood the hype behind Supreme. Big ups to them for creating and building a strong following, but the collabs really do nothing for me. I could not care less whether the shoe is a Supreme collab or not. I’ll but it if I like it, not because it’s Supreme-collaborated.

Andres: I’m gonna keep my answer short and sweet. No! Supreme is all hype in my opinion.

Renz: Yes. I’ve been a fan of the brand since 2002, especially when they collaborated with Nike SB to create those AJ 3 Cement-inspired Dunks. Till this day, I still want a pair. I guess depending on the silhouette and how it’s executed, I would consider purchasing. Overall, there hasn’t been a pair that I really didn’t like. The only downside is the hype.

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