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The week’s big releases actually got off to a very early start as Under Armour announced that they would be taking preorders for the Curry Back To Back MVP Pack that celebrates Steph Curry’s second consecutive MVP nod. Of course, those preorders lasted about as long as a hyped pair of retros and quickly dried up. We asked the KoF Staff if they would be picking up the pack when it drops in June or if they got a chance to preorder at all along with the rest of the weekend’s big releases including two Jordan retros from the City Series, the latest Kyrie 2 and Reebok Question colorways and much more.

Under Armour Curry Back To Back MVP Pack

Under Armour
Under Armour

Juan Martinez, Editor-In-Chief: (BUY) I like the Curry One MVP so I can pair it up with my other Curry One MVP and as I’ve noted before, I’m a sucker for black, white and gold kicks. But I’m lukewarm on the Curry Two MVP since it seems like the upper is more yellow than gold. We’ll see in a month or so I guess…

Renz Ofiaza, News: (BUY) It’s a really nice set and tribute overall. I’m biased towards the Curry Two. I like the execution of the colorway. This is probably the first Curry Two that I’m looking forward to purchasing

Juan Carrillo, News: (BUY) History in the making. Curry will probably go down as one of the best players of all time. If you’re a fan of the player/shoe, this one should have been a no-brainer. Dope pack, I’m just curious as to why UA didn’t release to versions of the Curry Two.

Andres Carrillo, News: (PASS) I’m only a fan of the Curry Two from this pack, but I’m not willing to pay $400 for both. If only Under Armour released them individually. Oh well. Congrats to Steph though.

Air Jordan 10 Los Angeles

EIC Juan: (WAIT) Air Jordan 10s are either too plain for more or so completely out there that they’re damn near unwearable for me. However, these strike that a balance so I can easily myself copping these and not just because of the Los Angeles shout-out, although it helps. But I don’t expect this sell out quickly so I can easily wait for a price drop before I cop.

Renz: (PASS) I’m a fan of the silhouette’s design. The colorway is pretty solid and versatile as well, but I’m not really inclined on purchasing this pair.

News Juan: (PASS) Having been born in Los Angeles, I really wanted to like the shoe, but nothing really stands out on the shoe in my opinion. I feel like Jordan Brand dropped the ball on this pair. It had so much potential, and it fell so short.

Andres: (PASS) The more I see this shoe the more I like it. I just feel that it could have been so much better. There was potential but Jordan Brand came up short.

Air Jordan 10 Chicago Flag

EIC Juan: (PASS) Why I do get a feeling that these would a hundred times better if the red and blue switched up and was a better representation of the Chicago Flag?

Renz: (PASS) If it was the original Chicago version instead, I would consider purchasing. The theme was well done but I like it more minus the blue accents.

News Juan: (PASS) I really don’t like Air Jordan 10s to begin with. They have to be really dope for me to want a pair. Once again, nothing on this pair makes me want to jump out of my seat. I see these sitting on shelves if they don’t release in limited numbers.

Andres: (PASS) In my opinion the ugliest colorway out of the entire pack. I’m sure people from Chicago may like it but these are just not for me.

Nike Flyknit Racer Rainbow (Multicolor 2016)


EIC Juan: (PASS) I’m good.

Renz: (BUY) I’m just biased towards this silhouette. This colorway is pretty sought after. Even though it’s not the original version, the grey tongue isn’t a bad look either.

News Juan: (BUY) I will be up at 7am looking to pick up a pair. I’m remaining hopeful, but let’s be realistic, everyone and their mom will be looking to pick up a pair. Good luck!

Andres: (BUY) I’m hoping and praying for a miracle that I can get my hands on these. I already missed out on the last two, so third time’s a charm right?

Reebok Question Practice


EIC Juan: (PASS) The red contrast makes the shoe a lot less classier than it should be. Then again, the whole reason “Practice” became such a thing was because it was anything but classy. It was a very real moment that if anybody else had said it would be tantamount to career suicide, but because it’s Allen Iverson, we let it slide because AI’s awesome.

Renz: (BUY) The theme for this pair will always be remembered. I can’t forget it. The execution on this pair is pretty solid and I’m a fan of the model.

News Juan: (PASS) Not really a colorway I’m diggin. The inspiration/theme is pretty far-fetched in my opinion. Reebok is reaching on this one.

Andres: (PASS) I like the story behind the shoe but I’m just not feeling the baseball look that was given to this Reebok Question. The story and the look just don’t really mesh well together. Still love that interview though. “We talkin’ bout practice?” Haha.

Nike Kyrie 2 Crossover


EIC Juan: (PASS) I still need a pair of Kyrie 2s to buy, but this won’t be it. Also, I’m starting to see the Complex offices get the special package of the Ky-rispy Kreme pair and I’m eagerly hoping somebody at FedEx or UPS is swinging by the KoF office today.

Renz: (PASS) The colorway is pretty nice. I like how the upper is clean and the focal point is directed at the mid-foot strap. Not for me, but I’m sure fans will appreciate it.

News Juan: (PASS) I consider myself a fan of the model, just not in this colorway. I’d like to own a pair of Kyrie 2s, but I’d rather pick up a better colorway that has already released.

Andres: (PASS) Decent colorway of the Kyrie 2 but not my favorite. The graphic on the heel doesn’t really make me think of a “crossover.” Could have been a lot better.

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