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We had a
young chat with Club 808 DJ and Producer, DJ Capital and he gave us the inside
scoop on his music and life.  

1.      DJ Capital is your stage
name or alias, what is your birth name?

Siyabonga Zola Sibeko

2.      Now how did Capital come

I used to rap in high school
and my rap name was Capital C.Y.A. from my birth name, Siya and Capital coz it
represents dominance. Like a capital letter, capital city, etc. when I started
DJing, the nickname Capital was already there, so it naturally turned into my
DJ name

3.      You are a DJ and a producer,
why music? And if not music, what field of work would you be in?

I got into DJing by mistake
actually. I used to throw parties in varsity to make extra cash and one of my
DJs didn’t pitch. I went to fetch my CDs in the car and started playing for a
club full of people. If not music, I probably would’ve ended up in an office
job doing HR or something of the sort.

4.      You’ve released a few tracks
and you currently have Hell Of A Life on rotation, can we expect an album from
DJ Capital Soon?

Definitely an album coming
out this year

5.      With no restrictions, whom
would like to have feature on your track? Nationally or internationally.

I think Drake is the best
right now, has been for the past 5 years. Locally, AKA is the best. So those 2.

 6.      Apparently you have a tour
alias… tell us about “out of town Cap”? How wild do you get when you’re out of
town? And what is the craziest thing you’ve done?

Hahaha, #OuttaTownCap
started a few years ago when I wouldn’t drink in my home city of JHB, I’d only
drink outside the city. All of #OuttaTownCap’s moments are crazy. Whether he’s
taking 15 shots at the bar, throwing his T-Shirt into a crowd full of people or
spraying them with bottles of champagne.

 7.      What are the
five things you can’t live without?

My laptop, iPhone, wallet, a
watch & a decent bottle of cologne.

 8.      Do you have a Celebrity

Too many to mention. Hahaha

 9.      Name a few sneakers
that you have currently on rotation?

I’m addicted to Nike AF1’s.
I have about 15 pairs of those.

 10.  What is your
favourite local and/or International Clothing brand?

I’m really liking what
Galxboy is doing right now.

 11.  What’s the last
thing you bought at sportscene?

A pair of AF1’s, lol

12.  In conclusion, what’s
the motto you live by?

“No matter how bad it
gets, life can always be worse”

We are definitely
looking forward to DJ Capital dropping an album which he guarantees will be a
good body of work.

Be sure to
keep your eyes and ears on our blog for the release of that album.

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