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Diadora N9000 Flag Pack 1
Diadora N9000 Flag Pack 2
Diadora N9000 Flag Pack 3
Diadora N9000 Flag Pack 4
Diadora N9000 Flag Pack 5
Diadora N9000 Flag Pack 6
Diadora N9000 Flag Pack 7
Diadora N9000 Flag Pack 8
Diadora N9000 Flag Pack 9

Have you had a chance to take a look at the recently released Diadora N9000 Flag Pack. The two-pair pack shows its national pride to not only Italy, but also America.

With the Diadora label residing in Italy, it’s no surprise that one of the shoes pays homage to the home land, but it’s also pretty dope to see that the second pair pays homage to the US of A. The Italian version comes in a green, white and red color scheme done up in a suede and mesh construction. The three colors placed on the upper extend down to the sole of the shoe, resulting in a very balanced motif. The US pair comes in red, white and blue also done in a suede and mesh construction. The flag’s stars appear on the heel region of the shoe, while the midsole also dons the red, white and blue look. Retailing for $140, you can now get either pair of the Diadora N9000 Flag Pack at select Diadora retailers.


via: Packer Shoes

Author’s Take

I love the look of both shoes, but I’m more intrigued by the Italian version. It has a very bold look that will look great under the sun.

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