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Bobbito - Por fin Blue New
Bobbito - Por fin Kaki New
Por Fin SS16 Sans lisereai - White copie copie
Selection extrabutter (12 sur 16)

Paris-based footwear company Piola is releasing their newest collection that aims to provide you with a premium sneaker while at the same time giving back.

Each pair, which is made of Italian nappa leather, organic Peruvian cotton, and wild rubber from the Amazon, comes with a unique “donation” code; customers can then use that code to make a $4 donation to their project of choice on the Piola website (the donation is built into the price of the shoes, so you’re not spending anything extra). Every pair sold can directly contribute to a worthy cause, and more importantly, you know exactly where your contribution is going to.

Piola will also be releasing a co-designed model called the Por Fin, meaning “at last” in Spanish, with sneaker legend Bobbito Garcia. This release signifies Garcia’s major launch into designing his own product from scratch. ​The collections will be available in both Men’s and Women’s sizing at Extra Butter.

Take a look at everything that Piola has to offer in the images above.

Author’s Take

This it the first time that I’ve ever heard of Piola. A few of their silhouettes actually look pretty nice. They look like they can be dressed up or dressed down. Hopefully one day I’m able to see them in person.

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