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Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.

Today is a day to thank all the mothers out there that have always put us first in their lives and given us all we could ever ask for. For all the mothers who had to work multiple jobs, overtime hours and specially if you had to raise your kids by-yourself, today is strictly for you.

For all us sneakerheads out here, if it wasn’t for our mothers putting in the hard work and overtime hours we wouldn’t be able to have the passion and love for the sneaker game as we strongly do today. I’m sure 90% of all of us had our moms buy us our first pair of fresh kicks, so make sure you take today to show them extra love.

My Story: My mom had to raise three boys by herself, she worked 2 jobs putting in over 60/hrs a week. No matter what the circumstances was, she made sure I was able to put on a pair of Air Jordans once a month when I was younger. With that being said, if it wasn’t for my mom who bought me my first pair of Js – which was the Air Jordan 3 “Black Cement” colorway, I’d never had become in love with the sneaker game as I am now; nor would I have become the man I am today without her!

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