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The winners of the 2016 auto lacing Nike Mag were announced in mid-October and if you entered the raffle you were probably glued to your phone for a couple of hours that day awaiting that notification on the Nike+ app. But unfortunately very few people received good news as there were only 89 pairs made available. Three pairs were auctioned off to charity, so that means that there was supposed to be 86 pairs won through the raffle system.

The company that ran the raffle through Nike’s The Draw is required to make the list of winners public and we have the names of the winners here for you. The strange thing is that there’s only 81 names, so there’s five pairs that are unaccounted for. Here is the official list of winners.

Size 7 Winners
Charlene A.
Rex A.
Jamilah C.
Philip H.
Tammie J.
Keegan K.
Chanica K.
Michael O.
Corazon R.
Gurson S.
Jiahao Y.

Size 9 Winners
Felton A.
Mike C.
Jacky C.
Christopher D.
Jose D.
Christina D.
Kareem E.
Luis G.
Runchao H.
Yifeng L.
Mayra R.
David R.
Manuel R.
Ryan T.
Spencer T.
Nomeet V.
Rodolfo V.
Mark W.
Jerry Y.
Tony Z.

Size 11 Winners
Adnan A.
Jens A.
Chance B.
Leon B.
Quinten D.
Latoya D.
Richard E.
Kevin F.
Haunting G.
Jack H.
Tajwarul I.
Christopher J.
Vahram K.
Mardig K.
Zachary L.
Erika M.
Raphael M.
David M.
Dillon M.
Jias N.
Ian O.
Freddy O.
Arthur P.
Jordan R.
Demetrio R.
Joshua R.
Barry R.
Davis S.
LeVale S.
Anthony T.
Maralee W.
Broderick W.
Dale W.

Size 13 Winners
Don A.
Aaron B.
David C.
Chris C.
Chris C.
Albert G.
Matthew H.
Blair J.
Benjamin K.
Michael M.
Kyriakos M.
Phillip N.
Kat R.
Cuong T.
Jared T.
Jeff W.
Claudia W.

h/t: Sole Collector

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