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The perks of being the #5 draft pick and brand-new Jordan Brand athlete are already beginning to roll in for rookie Jalen Ramsey. The future superstar received his very first shipment of Jordan sneakers today at the Jaguars facilities, with a large stack of boxes any of us would love to see delivered to our own houses. But wait a minute, is that actually true? As you can see Jordan Brand didn’t bless Jalen with any retros, as these are all pairs of the Flow and Flight Flex Trainer 2 training shoes. Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those two performance trainers, but we’re guessing just about anybody would also like to see some of the year’s hottest retros in the stacks, as well. Is young Jalen getting the rookie treatment from JB, or will his retros be coming soon? We expect that he’ll get all the retros he could ever want eventually, not to mention some on-field Jordan models of note this upcoming season.

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