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If you could ask Kobe Bryant what he would like his final NBA act to look like, it would not be at the friendly and adoring confines of the Staples Center where everybody is cheering for him like a hero. Nope, he would want to be at an opposing team’s gym in his road purple jersey burying a game-winning shot over the outstretched arms of a hopeless defender. Basically it’s the scenario of “The Conductor”, Kobe’s last Nike commercial as an active NBA player.

Thankfully it’s not just a super-serious look at Kobe with super-serious background music, as it features cameos from teams that he has both tortured (Sacramento, Portland, etc.) and teams that have tortured him (Detroit, Boston, etc.) along with some surprises along the way. It really deserves a watch whether you love Kobe or can’t stand the guy. The only thing missing is a guitar and The Rock it’s that epic of a troll.

Nike Kobe Bryant Conductor Commercial 2
Nike Kobe Bryant Conductor Commercial 1
Nike Kobe Bryant Conductor Commercial 5
Nike Kobe Bryant Conductor Commercial 3
Nike Kobe Bryant Conductor Commercial 4

Source: Nike

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