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The NBA is set to join forces once again with Nike beginning in the 2017-18 NBA season when the Swoosh will once again become the official on-court apparel supplier of the league.

After spending over 10 years with adidas it kind of comes as a surprise to see both parties go their separate ways, but NBA Commissioner Adam Silver thinks it’s for the better. In a recent interview with SLAM Magazine he was asked if he expects Nike to do anything different in comparison to what adidas is doing now. Here’s his response.

I do. I’ll say we’ve had a wonderful relationship with adidas, but adidas was not endemic to basketball. They are at root a soccer company. I think on the other hand, with Nike, as I heard Mark Parker, the CEO, say, basketball is the soul of Nike. Even in the case of Mark Parker, he grew up in the organization as a shoe designer.

I was out in Beaverton recently and they have in essence an R&D center, where they have prototypes, where they have their equivalent of mad scientists who are noodling different approaches to uniforms: new fabrics, new styles, new fits. I have no doubt wearables will come into the equation. I think they are committed to sports science. They also recognize that we shouldn’t just think of the uniform as a fashion item—that the uniform ultimately directly correlates to performance, including injury prevention. And Nike, again, it’s a season and a half before they will begin being our official on-court supplier. I’m really excited to see what comes. But I have no doubt that they’re gonna once again change the game. That’s who they are. As I said, thank you to adidas, they’ve been wonderful partners. But I think Nike is ready to take it to another level.

From the sound of it the commissioner is looking forward for Nike to “take it to the next level.” Adam Silver also announced that the Nike Swoosh will be placed on the new jerseys beginning in 2017-18.

via: Slam Online

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