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The people fortunate enough to obtain courtside tickets to Kobe’s final game got to witness a game for the ages! What they didn’t expect was Nike gifting them a free pair of Nike Kobe sneakers, and it wasn’t just any random sneaker either!

Nike decided to bless 20 courtside fans in attendance with a free pair of the Nike Kobe 11 Fade To Black, the same pair Kobe ended up wearing while dropping 60 in his final game. The Kobe 11 FTB released right before the game but very few people were able to acquire a pair, so you could say that getting one of them is kind of a big deal at the current moment.

The black and gold sneaker comes with the date of Kobe’s final game (4.13.16) placed on the heel of the shoe, making the shoe even more special that what it already is. If you happened to acquire a pair through the Nike SNKRS app, consider your self lucky as Darren Rovell recently tweeted out that Nike only made 2,000 pairs!


via: Darren Rovell
h/t: SC

Author’s Take

The shoe was pretty clean to begin with. The historic event attached to the shoe makes it even more special!

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