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On Thursday we had a brief chat with the Rookie of the year, Nasty C, ahead of his Store Take Over at our Canal Walk store. 

The Young Jiggy Jigga was more than excited to jump on a QnA as he loved getting to know his fans and showing his fans a little more about who he is. We got straight into it.

Wdup Nasty C, thanks for joining us for this Q&A. First things first, Are
you ever gon’ quit? #QnAWithNastyC #NastyCTakeOver 

Naw! .. Thank you guys for having me

Where are you from originally? And how did your childhood influence your
musical direction? #QnAWithNastyC #NastyCTakeOver

I’m from Illovo, Durban. My childhood
was very different from other kids and so that meant I thought different &Because
of that, the way I write my lyrics is different from how other musicians do.

Where does your alias “Nasty C” come from? #QnAWithNastyC

first person to ever record my, nick named me Nasty Cat because of how (vulgar/
nasty) my content was for Someone my age.. So I scratched off the -at and ran
with the rest

When and how did you get into producing music? #QnAWithNastyC #NastyCTakeOver 

I learned how to rap and produce
simultaneously. I remember I just had a standard PC and the right programs to
do it.

How did you juggle schooling and rapping? #QnAWithNastyC

was very hard I won’t lie. Coz i told myself I couldnt afford to fail at any of
the two so it was OT all the time

What was your favourite subject in school? #QnAWithNastyC

Life Sciences

Your all time 5 star collaborations would be (local or international)
…? #QnAWithNastyC #NastyCTakeOver 

Dem Frenchise Bois ft. Monica –
Everytime The Beat Drop.

ft. Maggz- We On Fire…                                

ft. Jay-Z – Pound Cake

West x Jay Z – Otis

ft. Swizz Beatz – Open Letter

Has that Roc Nation meeting happened? Would you love to sign to Jay Z’s label?
#QnAWithNastyC #NastyCTakeOver

yet.  I would, but only because of what
they could do for me as an artist.. Not because of who they are as Roc

11. If you were to further your studies,which qualification
will you strive to accomplish?#QnAWithNastyC

Too many.. Sound engineering/ Video/Film Editing ?
/ Visual Art & Learn how to play a couple of instruments

 12. When is the album dropping? @Nasty_CSA @sportsceneSA #QnAwithNastyC            

Hopefully in July.

13. What was the last thing you bought at sportscene & whats’s on your sneaker cop list? #QnAWithNastyC #NastyCTakeOver

I got a dope pair of Adidas Veritas, I want some white Jordans thou.

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