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The Nike Air Presto was a low-key running silhouette with a unique design language. Introduced as ‘a t-shirt for your feet,’ the lightweight comfort and modern look of the Air Presto took the world by storm in the early 2000s.

The style’s debut consisted of 12 different ads, each applying a character and personality to a corresponding colorway. The ads came to life through print and a series of TV spots that further established the unique personalities.

The ads also provided a glimpse into the future of sneaker culture, making the Air Presto one of the first styles introduced with a “nickname” that helped bring it to life. In addition, the Air Presto helped establish a minimal design language that is still strong in both performance and lifestyle footwear today.

Check out some of the classic Nike Air Presto original releases below via SNKRS App and let us know what which pair is your favorite in the comments section.

Nike Air Presto Shady Milkman

Stay away from the milkman. The “Shady Milkman” Air Presto.

Nike Air Presto Migraine Fly

You just can’t get rid of ‘em. The “Migraine Fly” Air Presto.

Nike Air Presto Abdominal Snowman

Spotted on foot. The “Abdominal Snowman” Air Presto.

Nike Air Presto Rabid Panda

As vicious as it gets. The “Rabid Panda” Air Presto.

Nike Air Presto Brutal Honey

Sweet for your feet. The “Brutal Honey” Air Presto.

Nike Air Presto Catfish Shiner

Gotta hook ‘em all. No catfish is safe around the “Catfish Shiner” Air Presto.

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