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With today’s release and no doubt sellout of the Air Jordan 9 Golf sneakerheads around the world are proving a point to brands everywhere that they don’t want the traditional golf shoe; they want the brands to bring the heat. Jordan Brand has a huge start on this – retros with baseball and football cleats are already the norm – and this trend will only continue to grow. But there is one brand out there that can outhype and outsell Jordan Brand should they ever decide to bring their own fire to the mix.

Yup, Yeezys and golf. It’s perfect, right?

Yeezy Golf 1

As we have covered in this space before Nike Golf have been doing all that they can to make the game of golf more appealing to a younger audience.  Through more contemporary apparel and popular silhouettes that makes sense on the golf course and of course Jordan Brand has pitched in with their retros, Nike Golf has the kids. Adidas Golf really hasn’t done much in the youth space thus far, although they have put Boost on some of their golf shoes and based on reviews they are some of the more comfortable and popular golf shoes at the moment. But the weapon that maybe they don’t even realize they have is adidas Originals and a collaboration between the two could prove to be very fruitful.

For the past few years now, Originals has had the magic touch at the three stripes, bringing back classics like the Stan Smith and introducing new or remixed concepts like the ZX Flux and the Tubular to huge success. Kanye West and his Yeezys have played a huge part in this turnaround, but there are so many more untapped places that they can dive into. Whether people like it or not and whether or not he’s a creative genius or a very well-paid figurehead, the Kanye name travels. And I want to see it in golf just for the hell of it.

via Golf on Tumblr
via Golf on Tumblr

Kanye West doesn’t really have that much connection to golf other than this old picture and a random article about Rory McIlroy wanting to play a round with him. But imagine if Adidas gave Mr. West the ability to design his own golf collection with the same amount of freedom he was afforded with his Yeezy apparel. It would be outrageous and different and would probably be banned from more than a few private clubs out there, but that’s half the fun. Can you imagine a bunch of kids dressed up like extra from The Book Of Eli walking around Riviera? What if there’s a secret adidas Yeezy Boost 550 Golf shoe in the works that we don’t know about? Kanye would challenge the authority of golf and in the process introduce the sport to a whole new generation. Yeah, the game will still be exclusive and expensive as hell and more than a few analysts say that golf is dead to the so-called millennial generation, but then again those same people said Kanye wasn’t influential. Nobody knows anything and nobody knows until they give it a shot, basically, so why not make Yeezy Golf a thing?

Picture this scenario for the U.S. Open this June at Oakmont, aka site of the greatest performance in golf history according to Johnny Miller because it was by Johnny Miller: For the last group we’ve got Keegan Bradley wearing the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam Golf as a golf shoe and the co-leader is Jason Day wearing the adidas Yeezy Boost 350… Golf. Such a pairing might not do wonders for the ratings, but Golf and Sneaker Twitter would blow up to mythical proportions. We already saw a little bit of it when Bradley wore some unknown Js for The Maters so one can only imagine the hype and buzz an 11 and a Yeezy on a major Sunday would garner. No disrespect to Jordan Spieth, but that would be the greatest golf shoe pairing of all time. It’s such a crazy idea that maybe this shouldn’t be a Sneaker Satire post… nah…

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye West y'all...
Kanye, Kanye, Kanye West y’all…

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