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The next wave in sneaker technology is closer than you think. New Balance just dropped their New Balance 3D printed sneaker for $400. Let’s take a closer look at whole new realm of possibilities.

This limited edition has New Balance entering the 3-D printing world. So what does the shoe consist of? Well to start off, the shoe comes with specially crafted midsoles that are made out of super comfortable and spongy subtractive cells. The new soles will also feature a swiss cheese-like 3-D laser sintered layer in between the shoe’s upper and translucent rubber outsole. Another thing worth mentioning is that although the shoes are updated by the use of 3-D technology, the shoes are still relatively hand-made. Manager of New Balance’s Innovation Studio Katherine Pretrecca had this to say: “You can feel the individual parts of the midsole moving along with your foot”. She also mentioned, “How we achieve that [customization] now, with a complicated and long supply chain, is not a great model.” Thus making this model a prototype. Want a pair? Only 44 pairs of this limited edition shoe were made. Good luck.

via: WIRED

Author’s Take

The future of sneakers is here. I can’t wait to see what shoes will look like in 2020.

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