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Today’s launch (and subsequent purchase) of the Air Jordan 30 Black Cat reminded me of a few things, like how awesome it would be if Jordan Brand just decided to dedicate an entire year to releasing the complete signature line in the blackout style. The marketing campaign for something that momentous would have been crazy; imagine the hype of the Black Mamba Pack but multiply that exponentially with all of the Jordan stans and hypebeasts out there who would be itching to cop and resell.

While we have seen a handful of retros already drop in the all-black look, like the Air Jordan 4 Black Cat and the upcoming Air Jordan 6 Black Cat Batman (yeah, I said it), dropping them all would give us a chance to grab the less popular models but yet have cult following like the Air Jordan 16 and 17 for example. A complete collection of the blackout Js was on display during this past February’s NBA All-Star fesitivies in Toronto to honor Kobe Bryant’s career, but let’s go back to the time when we saw the collection in New York City for the launch of the Air Jordan XX8. Check out the video up top; would you like to see Jordan Brand drop them all at some point? Let us know in the comments below.

Air Jordan All-Black

Air Jordan 1 Blackout

DSC_3582 (800x536)

Air Jordan 2 Blackout

DSC_3583 (800x536)

Air Jordan 3 Blackout

DSC_3584 (800x536)

Air Jordan 4 Blackout

DSC_3585 (800x536)

Air Jordan 5 Blackout

DSC_3586 (800x536)

Air Jordan 6 Blackout

DSC_3587 (800x536)

Air Jordan 7 Blackout

DSC_3588 (800x536)

Air Jordan 8 Blackout

DSC_3589 (800x536)

Air Jordan 9 Blackout

DSC_3590 (800x536)

Air Jordan 10 Blackout

DSC_3591 (800x536)

Air Jordan 11 Blackout

DSC_3592 (800x536)

Air Jordan 12 Blackout

DSC_3593 (800x536)

Air Jordan 13 Blackout

DSC_3595 (800x536)

Air Jordan 14 Blackout

DSC_3594 (800x536)

Air Jordan 15 Blackout

DSC_3596 (800x536)

Air Jordan 16 Blackout

DSC_3597 (800x536)

Air Jordan 17 Blackout

DSC_3598 (800x536)

Air Jordan 18 Blackout

DSC_3599 (800x536)

Air Jordan 19 Blackout

DSC_3600 (800x536)

Air Jordan 20 Blackout

DSC_3601 (800x536)

Air Jordan 21 Blackout

DSC_3602 (800x536)

Air Jordan 22 Blackout

DSC_3603 (800x536)

Air Jordan 23 Blackout

DSC_3604 (800x536)

Air Jordan 2009 Blackout

DSC_3605 (800x536)

Air Jordan 2010 Blackout

DSC_3606 (800x536)

Air Jordan 2011 Blackout

DSC_3607 (800x536)

Air Jordan 2012 Blackout

DSC_3608 (800x536)

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