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It wasn’t that long ago that the Air Jordan 1 Low No Swoosh was unveiled for the first time ever. Surprisingly, Jordan Brand is already deciding to release the shoe this weekend. I guess they feel like the new model garnered enough hype and they feel confident enough to release the shoe this rapidly.

We’ve been seeing mixed emotions regarding this release. The people that like it do so because of the quality the leather appears to come in, as well as the minimalist look this Air Jordan 1 Low comes with. The people who don’t like it don’t because they feel like the Nike Swoosh branding on the side panels is what makes an Air Jordan 1, well, an Air Jordan 1. Removing it from the shoe is no bueno in their eyes. What side do you fall in? Slated to drop May 21st for $150 (Jordan dad hats in matching colorways will also be available), how many of you are looking to pick up a pair?

via: UBIQ

Author’s Take

I like the tonal look. I like the leather. I like the subtle look as well. Everything looks good on my end. Still not sure if they will sell out due to the price, but if they don’t I’d love to get these under retail.

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