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I’m just going to say it and get it out the way. Most of us prefer black pairs of Jordans over Navy pairs, right? Navy Blue Jordans really don’t get love from JB, which is why I’m not able to count more than 5 retros rocking the all-navy look. Perhaps we can’t like what we’re not used to, right? If that’s the case, I highly suggest you don’t sleep on the upcoming Air Jordan 11 Low Navy/Gum.

Although it comes with a look we’re not used to seeing on Jordan retros, you can’t deny that a Navy Blue upper looks pretty dope on a Jordan 11. The mesh/patent leather upper stands out even more by placing it on top of a white midsole and gum bottom outsole. It may be too simple for some, but sometimes “less is more”, and this happens to be on of those times. Slated for a Summer release, let us know if you plan on picking up a pair.

Stay tuned in to our official Air Jordan 11 Low Navy/Gum launch page for further information.

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Author’s Take

If I had to pick one shoe to buy during the Summer, it would be these. Great looking shoe!

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