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The Air Jordan 7 Tinker Alternate sounds like it should be a great idea, right? Take a shoe that is already considered one of the best and historically significant Air Jordans of all time and have one of your brand’s most iconic figures mess around with the colors to create something fresh. The result, however, might not be up to people’s expectations. It looks like a well thought out first draft for something that ended up being legendary. Some might love the slightly different look while others don’t want a classic to be “ruined”. Imagine the Air Jordan 7 Olympics is the original Star Wars trilogy and the Tinker Alternate are those special editions that changed up a few details and shots and you might see what we mean. It will be interesting to see the public’s reaction to this when it drops during the Summer Olympics for sure.

For more information on this release, be sure to bookmark our Air Jordan 7 Tinker Alternate launch page.

Air Jordan 7 Tinker Alternate 3

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