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Who was lucky enough to pick up the Nike Kobe 9 Fade To Black, aka FTB, aka Black Mamba? If you managed to get your hands on a pair, I’m pretty sure your pair looks nothing like the Nike Kobe 9 custom you see above. Created by Dank Customs, the high-top sneaker gets transformed into a low-top.

Created exclusively for New England Patriots Wide Receiver, Brandon Gibson, Dank manages to convert the high-top into a low-top all while making it look easy. The rest of the shoe appears to remain true to form, but chopping the top off the shoe is more than enough change on this custom. Does it look better, or was it cool as is? Let us know in the comments below.

via: jwdanklefs

Author’s Take

Looks much better as a low-top! Great work!

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