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Welcome back to another week where we highlight the Top 10 Stories Of The Week From The Kicks On Fire Instagram. This feature focuses on the top/most read stories of the week as chosen by you, our readers/supporters. The way it works is we post a picture about current sneaker news or an upcoming release on our Instagram account and many times we advise you to “click the link in our bio.” The main goal for that is so we can direct you to a certain piece of news on the site that we feel is important or breaking. It’s a quick way for us to connect you to the site in the click (or touch) of a button.

There was one thing that everyone was talking about this week. KOBE BEAN BRYANT! One of the greatest basketball players of all-time played in his final game ever on Wednesday, also known as Mamba Day, in what was a storybook ending where he scored 60 points. It was the first Lakers game that I watched all season and I’m glad I did because it felt like I was watching vintage Kobe all over again. With Kobe playing in his final game this week we took a look back at some of his best sneakers of the past as well as some of the present. The Nike Kobe Black Mamba Pack also released its final three sneakers this week and as usual many people took an L on the SNKRS app. In what was considered “Kobe Week”, let’s see what other stories took the headlines these past few days.

A New adidas D Lillard 2 Is Playoff-Ready


Damian Lillard and the Portland Trailblazers have made the playoffs once again despite 4 key players leaving last Summer. To celebrate, adidas has created a new colorway of the D Lillard 2 inspired by Lillard’s Draft Day suit. Oh yeah, and this colorway also features BOOST technology on the midsole. You can get yours now!

Kobe’s Best Signatures Shoes With adidas And NikeMambaRank - Kicks and Dunks

As Kobe’s career came to an and this week we reflected on his best signature sneakers ever. Here’s the catch, we took a look at his shoes with both Nike and adidas. Check out the list and see where your favorite Kobe sneaker landed among all 18 selections. You may be surprised with what we chose as #1, or maybe you won’t.

Nike Double Dips On The Black Mamba Pack


The Nike Kobe Black Mamba/Fade To Black Pack came to an end this week as the final three shoes from the massive collection all released. On Monday Nike decided to release the Kobe 9 AND the Kobe 10. So if somehow the sneaker gods blessed you and you were able to grab both pairs on the SNKRS app that means you spent around $450 total. But SNKRS stays giving Ls so I doubt that happened to anyone.

The Kobe 11 Black Mamba Closes Out Kobe’s Career


April 13, 2016 will go down in history as the day that Kobe Bryant played his final game ever in the NBA. He put on a performance for the ages and dropped 60 points on the Utah Jazz. It was truly something amazing to watch. The shoes he wore for the big game? The Kobe 11 from the Black Mamba Pack. These Kobe 11s released a couple of hours before the game started and the resell price for them skyrocketed after the incredible game that Kobe had. I tried getting a pair on the SNKRS app, but I would have had a better chance getting the pair that Kobe wore for the game….

Nike And Kobe Can’t Stop, Wont’ Stop

NIKE CONFIRMS KOBE RETROSMamba Day wasn’t all bad news. Of course we know that Kobe played in his final NBA game, but we also found out that the relationship/partnership between Nike and the Black Mamba will continue even after he retires. According to Heidi Burgett, “Kobe will continue to work with Nike even after his retirement as a “collaborator, innovator, and cultural icon.” Nike will continue to release new sneakers, retros and remastered classics with the latest innovations. Mamba Day wasn’t THAT bad after all, was it?

The Entire Black Mamba Pack Signed By Kobe Can Be Yours


If you’re like most of us, then you had no luck at all picking up anything from the Nike Kobe Black Mamba Pack. Nike gave us an opportunity this week to pick up the entire pack signed by Kobe Bryant and authenticated by Panini Authentic. The proceeds will benefit the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. As I type this the bid highest bid is up to $25,100 with one day remaining. How much would you be willing to pay for this one of a kind collection?

Celebrate Mamba Day With Black And Gold NIKEiD Kicks

NIKEiD MambaDay - Nike Roshe Flyknit

Mamba Day was the day that Kobe called it quits from the NBA once and for all. It was also the day that many Nike athletes wore black and gold kicks to pay their respects to Kobe Bryant. If you’re not a fan of any Kobe sneakers then we created a bunch of other options on NIKEiD that would also have been perfect for the occasion. Check them all out here and let us know which one you like the best.

The Best Black & Gold Nike Kobe Kicks For Mamba Day

Foot Locker
Foot Locker

If you’ve been a fan of Kobe Bryant and his signature sneakers for quite some time now then you probably have a few favorite black and gold pairs that you have or wish you had. We picked the 10 best black and gold Nike Kobe sneakers that you could have worn for Mamba Day and came up with this list. What is your favorite black and gold Nike Kobe shoe?

24 #MambaDay Nike Kobe 11 Designs On NIKEiD

Black Mamba iD - 1The #MambaDay graphic went live Wednesday night on NIKEiD right before Kobe’s final game tipped off. Nike wanted to make this a limited release so they only had it available for 24 hours. In honor of the Mamba we came up with 24 different designs (cause we weren’t gonna do 8) that you could have actually made if you wanted some ideas. Did you create your own pair?

The Entire Kobe Black Mamba Pack Was Up For Grabs

Nike Kobe Fade To Black Mamba PackIf you happen to live in Los Angeles or at least pretty close you had an opportunity to pick up any 2 pairs you wanted from the Nike Kobe Black Mamba Pack on Wednesday. Nike decided to make the entire pack available at the Nike Vault in LA for Mamba Day. The only catch was that you could only buy two pairs and they had to be two different models. I saw pictures of people that were there on Wednesday and let’s just say the turnout was crazy.

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