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Earlier today we reported the news that a new Chinese brand had just launched that went by the name of Uncle Martian. There’s one big problem though. Looking at the name and the logo of this new brand one can clearly tell that it’s a rip-off of the American brand Under Armour.

The company behind the new label, Tingfei Long Sporting Goods Co. is actually a 25-year-old sports shoe manufacturer, which have been producing its own off-brand sneakers for the domestic market for years.

Under Armour has caught wind of this new company and they have issued a statement.

“Under Armour is aware of the Uncle Martian launch event,” the statement reads. “Uncle Martian’s uses of Under Armour’s famous logo, name, and other intellectual property are a serious concern and blatant infringement. Under Armour will vigorously pursue all business and legal courses of action.”

It was only a matter of time until Under Armour fired back at this brand. With all the hard work that Under Armour has put in the last few years you didn’t expect them to just sit back and watch, did you? Good job Under Armour.

via: Sole Collector

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