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Before you get all riled up, no, this is not a new version of the adidas Yeezy Boost 750. It’s actually a brand new model from Aldo dubbed the Aldo Alalisien. With obvious influence stemming from the popular Kanye sneaker, let’s get a closer look at the shoe.

The Aldo Alalisien shares similarities with the Boost 750 since both boots rock the same build, a similar forefoot strap, zipper closure and even sport the same suede colorway on the upper. There is one major difference between the tow though, this pair will cost you $125, and you already know how much the resale value of the Boost 750 is. Are you down with what Aldo is doing, or is this straight out disrespectful?!

via: ALDO Shoes

Author’s Take

It’s too similar to the 750 Boost, thus making it look like a knock-off. Not cool in my opinion. Aldo doesn’t need to do this, they already have dope stuff to choose from.

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