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Monorunner Two Strap 1
Monorunner Two Strap 2

If there was ever a time to say “What are thooose?”, it’s right now with this pair of shoes that we’re looking at right now.

At first glance these look like something that your grandpa would wear, maybe from New Balance. Mesh and suede uppers have been added for comfortability and those two straps running across the midfoot make them easy to put on and take off. It turns out that these “grandpa shoes” actually retail for $445! Yes, that’s more than most any other Jordan retro that has ever released. The Monorunner Two Strap from Our Legacy features a Vibram sole and has a suede and textile upper.

Did you have any idea that these shoes could possibly cost this much money?

via: Tres Bien

Author’s Take

$445, are you serious?? Wow!!! I would have never guessed. It turns out that grandpas have been rocking better heat than us this whole time.

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